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The story of the Pavin Maven

The story of the Pavin Maven

In the beginning

Once upon a time far far away, there lived a young lad named Peter Pavin. He was an inquisitive young lad, always up to something, digging holes, climbing on rooftops, throwing stones, you know stuff young boys do. However, he was always thinking of ways to make money. Starting a little business with his friends like paper routes, returning shopping carts to the local grocery stores, shoveling snow or you know the kind of jobs kids get. Yes, he was a very busy lad, often exhausting his Mom with all new ideas.

Not having much satisfaction with what he was learning in grade school, the constant thoughts of starting a business were constantly entering his busy brain, even before such inventions know as ADD or ADHD. Back then it was called “Does not raise hand” or “Does not follow directions” or “Calls out in class” funny right? And he never needed to take medication recommended by a teacher just, back then they would just send me to the office.

After school young Master Pavin was very happy and busy pursuing his next entrepreneur goals, lawn maintenance, paper routes and scrap metal collection and even painting psychedelic album covers on the back of denim jackets, which went perfect with the long winged-back rock-n-roll hair that was in then. Building tree houses and using 2 soup cans and a long piece of string to talk to his friends in the other room (which was really just the next branch over) would last for hours. There was no internet so that how we communicated with tin cans WHAT a GIG!!! Can you believe it just simple plain fun OMG!!